How to Properly Clean Bamboo Tableware After Use?

How to Properly Clean Bamboo Tableware After Use?


In this article, Bamboomake has sorted out the correct way to clean bamboo tableware for your reference.

 the structure and characteristics of bamboo steamers

Many people think that bamboo tableware will be clean as long as it is simply washed. In fact, it is not advisable to do so, and it is easy to infect bacteria, causing infectious diarrhea and even cancer. Bamboomake has compiled the following methods to properly clean bamboo tableware for your reference.

Many people wash bamboo tableware. They are used to grabbing a handful of bamboo tableware and rubbing it with detergent a few times and then rinsing it with clean water. This is very easy to damage the protective layer outside the bamboo tableware, making the surface of the bamboo tableware rough, resulting in many tiny particles. Grooves and cracks leave pathogenic microorganisms remaining, which are easy to breed various molds, which may lead to infectious diarrhea in mild cases, and cancer in severe cases.

The correct cleaning method is to wash the bamboo tableware in pairs, and do not rub it hard. Even the bamboo tableware used at home is best used by special personnel.

Prepare a special bamboo tableware cloth, wipe the bamboo tableware clean after each cleaning, and then put it on a rack to spread out to dry, and it is best to disinfect it regularly.

In order to better maintain bamboo tableware and keep away from mildew, it is best to pay attention to the following points:

1. The kitchen is damp and easy to breed bacteria, among which Escherichia coli is the most likely bacteria on the tableware. Usually, boil the bamboo tableware until the water boils, which will effectively kill the bacteria on the bamboo tableware. Then the bamboo tableware should be dried, and the dry environment is not easy to breed bacteria. In addition, when eating, it is best to wash the bamboo tableware again, which can also make the bamboo tableware more hygienic.

2. If the unhygienic bamboo tableware is kept in a humid environment for a long time, it is easy to produce mold. Molds contain a lot of toxins that are harmful to the human body and will affect human health. Bamboo forks that have been used for more than one year are prone to burrs on the head and tail. Food residues are likely to remain in these places, which is difficult to clean, and mold will develop over time. Therefore, it is best to change bamboo tableware once a year.

Also, we need to pay attention not to put bamboo tableware in the room where the temperature is too high or too dry, so as not to cause the product to crack and deform. If the bamboo tableware has cracks, it is likely to breed bacteria, which also reminds us that we need to replace the new bamboo tableware products. If you need this, you can find a lot of information about the product on the Bamboomake website.

As a bamboo tableware manufacturer, we are committed to creating a green and healthy lifestyle for our users. We have also been praised and loved by many customers because of the concept of environmental protection. In order to strictly control the quality of products, we are equipped with a professional production inspection system. We can also provide effective solutions according to the diverse needs of users. If you want to buy our bamboo tableware, please contact us immediately!