This Article Takes You to Fully Understand Bamboo Cutting Boards

This Article Takes You to Fully Understand Bamboo Cutting Boards


This article specifically shares the characteristics and advantages of bamboo cutting boards, so that everyone can better understand the structure of bamboo cutting boards and make better choices.

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As environmentally friendly bamboo kitchenware is very popular with families, bamboo cutting boards have incomparable advantages over cutting boards made of other materials. Bambomake has compiled the following basic knowledge of bamboo cutting boards specifically for everyone to help everyone understand this bamboo product better.

1. It is better to use a high-quality bamboo cutting board to cut raw food.

2. The bamboo cutting board must be processed by high temperature and high pressure when it is made. It has the advantages of hardness and good toughness. The well-made bamboo cutting board will not crack or deform.

3. In addition, bamboo itself also has the effect of inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria. It’s just that when choosing a bamboo cutting board, it’s best to smell the smell first. If there is a sour or other peculiar smell, it is most likely that it has been bleached with sulfur or glued together. It is best not to buy it.

4. Another thing to remind us is that every time the cutting board is used, it should be cleaned. If you just chop some fresh vegetables, you can use salt water and rice water to clean; after chopping meat or raw fish, you should scrape off the surface residue, then scrub with water, and then soak in salt water for about two hours before taking it out.

After cleaning, it is best to hang the cutting board to control water and place it in a ventilated and dry place. The cutting board can be regularly scalded and disinfected with boiling water, or exposed to the sun, and a layer of salt can be regularly sprinkled on the cutting board. It is best to prepare a few more cutting boards in the family, and distinguish them according to different purposes. For example, the cutting boards for cutting fresh vegetables, cutting raw meat, and cutting cooked food are used separately.

5. There are two types of bamboo cutting boards: the whole bamboo craft and the assembling bamboo craft. The whole bamboo process is to soften the natural cylindrical Moso bamboo section, then flatten it to form a whole piece of seamless bamboo board, and press two such seamlessly flattened bamboo boards by gluing.

The bamboo-joining process uses bamboo strips and glues them together under high-temperature softening. Although these two types of bamboo cutting boards have different production methods, they also have the advantages of bamboo cutting boards, which are incomparable to wooden cutting boards and plastic cutting boards.

6. The bamboo cutting board is made of natural materials just like the wooden cutting board. A qualified bamboo cutting board is made of natural plants. Since the bamboo itself does not have complicated textures and the material is relatively strong and compact, it is not easy to crack and slag after long-term use.

Everyone knows that after the cutting board is used, residues often stay on the cutting board. The advantage of using a bamboo cutting board is that the surface of the cutting board is not easy to crack, and dirt is not easy to block in the gaps. It is cleaner and cleaner. From the perspective of dampness, bamboo is not as absorbent as wood, and it is easy to air dry after washing, and it is not easy to mold.

The hardness of the wooden cutting board is not as good as that of the bamboo cutting board, and it is mainly used to cut harder food. After long-term use, the surface of the wooden cutting board is prone to leave marks on the surface of the wooden cutting board. These cut marks are the places where bacteria can breed in the future. Moreover, the wood has strong water absorption and is prone to mold.

It can be seen from the above that bamboo cutting boards are very suitable for family use in every aspect, and can assist in making healthy and delicious foods. If you have a need for this, Bamboomake is undoubtedly your best choice.

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