What is the Manufacturing Process of the Bamboo Steamer?

What is the Manufacturing Process of the Bamboo Steamer?


By reading this article in detail, you can get a guide for making bamboo steamers, so as to better understand the structure and characteristics of bamboo steamers.

 the structure and characteristics of bamboo steamers

The bamboo steamer has good air permeability, is metal-free, green, and environmentally friendly, and the steam does not flow back. It is the first choice for steaming buns and steamed buns. The bamboo steamer can also absorb water and preserve the original flavor of the food, and there will be a faint bamboo fragrance in the steamed food. To make a high-quality bamboo steamer, we must strictly follow these processes and steps to make it.

1. Choose bamboo

Choose high-quality bamboo with the straight, long diameter, and sparse knots that have been planted in the local deep mountains for more than 4 years.

2. Cutting bamboo

Cut off the branches and leaves of bamboo, and saw the bamboo into various lengths according to the specifications of the steamer to be processed, break open and cut it.

3. Chipping

Cut off the bamboo green on the surface of the opened bamboo slices, and plan the bamboo slices smoothly and evenly in size. At the same time, make antiseptic and disinfection treatments.

4. Baked tablets

Put the planned bamboo slices on the fire and bake them to make them have good flexibility, and according to the specifications, take dozens of slices into a bundle, roll them into a circle with a special wooden stick, and then dry them.

5. Stereotype

The dried bamboo slices are rolled into a circle according to the specifications of the steamer and fixed with copper wire to form the outer ring of the steamer. In the outer ring, 4 strips are used on the upper side and 2 strips of bamboo are rolled into a circle to support the outer ring. This process is called topping bamboo. Then enter the spigot process, the spigot is made of various materials, including bamboo, wood, copper, steel, etc., which can be selected according to customer requirements.

Then punch holes on the cage body, put bamboo nails, and then enter the cage bridge (the bottom of the steamer that holds the food). When entering the cage bridge, arrange the shaved bamboo strips neatly one by one, and wrap and fix them with white rattan.

6. Drying

The woven bamboo steamer is treated with pest control and aired.

7. Polishing

Polish the dried bamboo steamer to remove the edge hair and make the bamboo steamer more beautiful.

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