How to Deal with Bamboo Cutting Boards Before Use?

How to Deal with Bamboo Cutting Boards Before Use?


Bamboo cutting boards need to be pre-treated before use to keep them clean and prevent future cracking. This article will specifically introduce the processing methods of bamboo cutting boards before use.

the advantages of bamboo cutting boards compared with wooden cutting boards

Many people choose bamboo cutting boards because they are more environmentally friendly and healthier than plastic cutting boards and solid wood cutting boards. But the bamboo cutting board is a natural material in the final analysis, so it needs some treatment before use.

The sanitation of the bamboo cutting board is the key to a healthy family diet. In order to prevent the bacteria on the cutting board from being carried into the food, usually the newly purchased bamboo cutting board needs two tasks before use: disinfection and anti-cracking treatment.


1. Clean the bamboo cutting board with a stiff brush and clean water. There are two types of bamboo cutting boards: whole bamboo and combined bamboo. If you buy a cutting board made of bamboo pieces, please pay attention to clean the surface and gaps of the cutting board.

2. High-temperature disinfection is a commonly used and convenient method in everyone's life. The cleaned bamboo cutting board is soaked in boiling hot water for a period of time, and then rinsed with water and aired.

3. Vinegar is an organic solvent, which can denature protein, and the PH value is beyond the survival range of various pathogenic microorganisms. You can mix vinegar and water to cook, and use vinegar steam to sterilize the bamboo cutting board.

4. Through osmosis, table salt can absorb the water in the cells, causing the cells to become dehydrated and die. Thus, before the first use, the bamboo cutting board can be soaked in saltwater for a period of time, which can disinfect and sterilize, but also keep the cutting board moisture. Generally speaking, it is best to prepare a pot that can fit the bamboo cutting board and leave some gaps.

5. For the disinfection of bamboo cutting boards, there is a saying that sun exposure is used, but this method should be used with caution. Although the bamboo cutting board is not afraid of water, it is afraid of drying. If it is often exposed to the sun, strong ultraviolet rays can kill bacteria, but the drying caused by long-term exposure can easily cause the cutting board to crack, which undoubtedly provides a new place for bacteria.

Anti-cracking treatment

1. After the pre-disinfection treatment is carried out, prepare a small wooden cylinder with a diameter of 5-10mm. Then drill a small hole with the same diameter as the small cylinder in the center of the bamboo cutting board, and plug the cylinder into the small hole tightly.

2. Spread boiled vegetable oil evenly on each side of the bamboo cutting board, so that the oil is in full contact with the bamboo cutting board.

3. After a period of time, if you find that the surface of the bamboo cutting board has a brighter luster, it means that the oil has been absorbed by the cutting board, and then scrub it with clean water.

Regarding the handling operation of the bamboo cutting board before use, disinfection and anti-cracking are the two most important steps. But we should pay attention to the best not to use detergent when cleaning, otherwise, it will cause the detergent to seep into the cutting board. If you want to know more about bamboo cutting boards or other bamboo utensils after reviewing the above, you can get a comprehensive solution by contacting us.

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