How to Use and Maintain Bamboo Steamer?

How to Use and Maintain Bamboo Steamer?


The correct use and maintenance of the bamboo steamer can preserve the flavor of the prepared food and prolong its service life. This article will specifically introduce the use and maintenance methods of the newly purchased bamboo steamer.

the specific method of bamboo steamer use and maintenance

A bamboo steamer is a kind of bamboo kitchen utensils made of fresh bamboo, so it can keep the steamed food fresh. However, if you don't pay much attention to the use and maintenance process, it may crack or mold the bamboo steamer, affect the taste of food and even affect our health. The following is the specific method of bamboo steamer use and maintenance. 


1. Prepare a towel and a cotton rope, and tie one end of the towel tightly with the cotton rope.

2. Twist the towel into a twist shape with your hands, and tie the towel with cotton rope at the same time.

3. Put an appropriate amount of cold water in the pot, and the water surface should be level with the bottom surface of the steamer (hint: when steaming food in a bamboo steamer, the amount of water should be added to the pot, and the water surface should be level with the bottom surface of the steamer. If you add too much water, steam the water boils during the cooking process, and it is possible that the water will overflow onto the steamer cloth through the pores of the steamer grid, thereby affecting the taste of the food).

4. The tied towel is placed in a ring on the water.

5. Put the food in the steamer covered with steamer cloth, then put the steamer on the towel. (hint: Put a towel between the bamboo steamer and the water surface,  so as to prevent the bamboo steamer from being burnt out while the water drying up. Even if you forget that the food is still being steamed, this method will effectively protect the steamer.)

6. Cover the steamer cover and steam it on fire.


1. Put enough cold water into the pot and pour a little cooking oil.

2. Put the straw mat in the steamer and put the bamboo steamer in the water.

3. Cover the steamer lid and cook for 20 minutes on medium heat. Pay attention to the changes in the water in the pot to prevent the water from boiling dry (hint: Use water to cook the steamer in order to boil the yellow water in the bamboo).

4. Take out the cooked steamer and dry the water, and evenly brush a layer of edible oil in the steamer compartment (hint: bamboo is to be maintained with oil, and brush edible oil in the steamer compartment to absorb oil and prevent mildew).

5. Place it in the sun and let the oil slowly soak into the bamboo.

6.The bamboo steamer used every time should be cleaned and put in a ventilated place to dry before putting it away to prevent mildew on the surface of the steamer. If you encounter moldy areas, you can gently sand the moldy areas with gauze and maintain the steamer according to the above methods.

Generally, bamboo steamers can be used all the time. As long as they are cleaned regularly, they can continue to be used unless they are mildewed, broken, or leaking. If you want to learn more about bamboo steamers after reading the above content, you can contact us for a more comprehensive solution.

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