How to Prevent Insects in Bamboo Tableware?

How to Prevent Insects in Bamboo Tableware?


Bamboo tableware is made of natural bamboo, so it is easy to attract insects if it is placed in a damp place. Today, let us talk about the specific methods of preventing insects on bamboo tableware.

the specific method to prevent insects in bamboo tableware

As an eco-friendly product, bamboo tableware is generally treated with insect-proof treatment before it is made into a finished product. However, due to some humid climate and environment, it will provide a growing environment for borers. The following is the specific method to prevent insects in bamboo tableware.

Natural drying

Natural drying is a more straightforward and commonly used method, and it is also a necessary step. Because after the bamboo is felled, its internal water content is relatively high, and its own nutrients are contained in it, which is easy to attract insects and forage. Therefore, natural drying of bamboo tableware can evaporate the water, destroy its own nutrients, and make the insects unable to survive, which makes it easy to drive away from the insects.

Lime water soaking

Soaking in lime water is a good way to keep the bamboo tableware from being invaded by insects for a long time.

Chemical potion immersion

The method of using chemical syrup soaking is a more common method. Carbendazim is generally used in chemical potions, which are fully immersed in an aqueous solution of 1.5:98.5 for 24 hours to achieve the effect of preventing insects from entering the bamboo. But this method is not suitable for bamboo utensils used for direct contact with food.


The smoking method is also a method that has been passed down since ancient times. At least 3 meters above the ground, evenly arrange the bamboo tableware that needs to be smoked, and then set up the stove to make smoke. But this is not ordinary smoke, but the firewood that produces smoke has been soaked in insect repellent potion, and the smoke produced has an insecticidal effect.

Soak in boiling water or salt

Steaming for 2-3 hours can completely kill the insects and microorganisms hidden in the bamboo tableware. You can also use boiling water and a certain amount of salt to soak the bamboo tableware for 1-2 days, which can also prevent the occurrence of insects. For the disinfection and pest control of bamboo tableware, the steaming method is undoubtedly the most suitable.

Place in a ventilated and dry area

Try to place bamboo utensils in a ventilated and dry place. If it is placed in a dark and humid place, it is easier to breed bacteria and attract insects. This will cause the bamboo tableware to become moldy and be bitten by insects, which will affect its use.

With the development of sustainable living, bamboo cutlery is being used more and more by everyone. We still pay attention to insect and mildew prevention after purchase. If you still have some doubts after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed information and solutions.

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