Four Precautions in the Use of Bamboo Tableware

Four Precautions in the Use of Bamboo Tableware


With the development of sustainable living, bamboo tableware has attracted more and more attention. This article will specifically introduce the four precautions in the use of bamboo tableware.

Bamboo tableware is all made of bamboo, exquisite and unique, not only practical but also has artistic embellishment value. It is both practical and artistic decoration effect when placed at home. However, because the materials of bamboo cutlery are completely natural and environmentally friendly, we need to pay attention to some aspects of the use process. The following are the four precautions in the use of bamboo tableware.

Place in a ventilated and dry place

It should be kept dry when in use, that is, after washing it, be sure to wipe off the water. Do not store it wet and place it in a dry place in the shade to keep it dry and moldy. Especially in the rainy and humid seasons, you should pay special attention to wash it and put it in a ventilated place. Exposure to the sun is not recommended, as it will easily cause cracking.

Bamboo tableware changes color and needs to be replaced

When we use it for a long time, the color of the bamboo tableware will change. Many people think this is a normal phenomenon and do not pay attention to it.

But if the bamboo utensil is used for a long time, the color will change darker or lighter. The main reason is that the bamboo utensil metamorphoses caused by the accumulation of bacteria for a long time. We should carefully observe the bamboo utensil every day. Once we find mottle, especially mildew, which indicates that it has become moldy, we should replace it immediately.

Bamboo tableware is cracked and cannot be used continuously


The process of frequent use and scrubbing will leave deep and shallow scars on the bamboo tableware, which will make the appearance of the bamboo tableware become rough, even cracked, and deformed. It is easy to hide dirt and become a hotbed of harmful bacteria.

The microorganisms and detergents hidden in the tiny grooves of bamboo tableware can also invade the human respiratory tract and cause respiratory diseases. If bamboo tableware is twisted, deformed, looks moist, or smells sour, it is a sign of contamination or expiration and cannot be used sustainably.

Regular replacement

With the naked eye, you can't see the difference between bamboo utensils after six months, one year, and three years. But if you put them under a 500-fold close-up lens, you will see the bamboo tableware that has been used for half a year, the skin has fallen off, some have been cracked, there are significant small gaps, and there are yellow residues in the gaps. After using the bamboo tableware for one year, the bamboo surface has been discolored and the ravines are vertical and horizontal. The bamboo cutlery that has been used for 3 years has been changed and looks like small mushrooms. In short, the longer the application time, the higher the total number of colonies detected. Therefore, we believe that it should be replaced every six months.

As an eco-friendly product, bamboo tableware is made of natural materials and is non-toxic. But if the paint is applied to the surface, it is very harmful to our body. When we buy, we should also try not to buy painted bamboo tableware products. So if you want to know more about bamboo tableware after reading the above content, you can contact us for more detailed solutions. And the bamboo tableware we produce is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with excellent quality, which can meet your purchase needs.

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