How to Sterilize Bamboo Tableware?

How to Sterilize Bamboo Tableware?


Bamboo tableware has become the first choice for everyone to respect health due to its environmental protection and high-cost performance. So today, let’s talk about the disinfection methods of bamboo tableware.

Bamboo tableware generally uses high-quality bamboo as the raw material, and the processed bamboo has a smooth and shiny surface with a strong bamboo fragrance. It can preserve food well and keep it tasty for a long time. But we need to disinfect the bamboo tableware before and after use. The following is the specific disinfection method of bamboo cutlery.

Microwave antivirus

Because the microwave oven takes a short time to heat the solid, bacteria cannot survive in the microwave high-temperature environment and lose their vitality instantly. Therefore, the microwave oven can achieve the purpose of killing bacteria

Boiling water disinfection

Newly bought bamboo utensils need to remove the viruses and bacteria accumulated during the production and transportation of chopsticks, as well as certain chemicals. You can wash it with tap water before use, then wash it with dish soap, and finally put it in a pot and boil it for half an hour. If it is cleaned randomly, it is easy for bacteria to grow on the bamboo tableware and enter the human body with the food.

Vinegar and tea

If the new bamboo meal has a peculiar smell, it can be soaked in vinegar for half an hour or boiled in tea water for half an hour.

Clean up trademark glue

Sometimes it is difficult to remove the trademark viscose on the newly bought bamboo utensils. You can use a hairdryer to heat it and then slowly lift it off. You can also use a lighter to bake the label sticker so that the glue can be easily lifted when it is heated; you can use medical alcohol to apply to the glue on the damaged place and use paper or cloth. Can be wiped off.

Mildew proof

The best way to prevent mildew is to wash the bamboo tableware every time, then dry it and store it in a sealed plastic bag. If the bamboo tableware is used every day, it is generally not mildewed. Try to put it in a ventilated and dry place, not in a cool and humid place, otherwise, it will be conducive to the growth of mold.

Once the bamboo tableware is used for a long time, the surface is no longer smooth. Frequent use and scrubbing can easily make the bamboo tableware rough, and there will be many small grooves and cracks, which are very easy to cause disease-causing microorganisms to remain and breed. Therefore, once we find that the service life of bamboo tableware has reached its expiration date, we must replace it in time.

As an eco-friendly product, bamboo tableware is very healthy and environmentally friendly. However, due to the particularity of its materials, we need to pay attention to some problems in the process of disinfection and cleaning. If the above methods do not really help you, you can contact us for more information and solutions. And we also produce very high-quality bamboo tableware products.

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