How to Clean up Mold in Bamboo Tableware?

How to Clean up Mold in Bamboo Tableware?


Bamboo tableware is now more and more popular with everyone, but when the bamboo tableware becomes moldy, it will affect our use. This article will introduce the specific methods to clean up mold in bamboo tableware.

As a kind of eco-friendly product, bamboo tableware may cause the growth of mold due to a characteristic of its material, which will greatly affect our use. The following will introduce the causes of mildew on bamboo tableware and the specific steps to remove mildew.

The reason why bamboo tableware is easy to moldy 

Because bamboo cutlery belongs to bamboo products, and bamboo products can easily absorb water. The water inside the bamboo material can be divided into two parts: free water and bound water. The mildew is caused by free water. The outer skin of bamboo is basically oily, which makes the free water difficult to discharge. Therefore, bamboo products are prone to mold growth. , Bamboo products contain a lot of organic matter, protein, starch, and bamboo fiber. Under the right humidity and temperature, there will be a steady stream of mildew. This is because the bamboo fiber structure of bamboo itself is closely related to the texture structure of bamboo. The fiber of bamboo is thicker and the texture is coarse. The mold is easy to hide in it, which is very suitable for the growth of mold. Mold can damage the interior of bamboo and cause discoloration in appearance.

Method for removing mildew from bamboo tableware

The mold on the bamboo tableware can be immersed in the rice washing water. After heating and boiling, the mold on the tableware can be removed. In addition, the moldy bamboo tableware can be boiled in saltwater for a few minutes, and then repeatedly wipe the moldy parts of the bamboo tableware with ginger slices, and then expose the bamboo tableware to the sun to clean it.

1. Wash rice water

If the bamboo tableware is moldy, you can wash it with rice-washing water. Soak the moldy bamboo tableware in the rice-washing water, and then heat it to boil to remove the mold on it.


Put the moldy bamboo utensils in saltwater and boil for a few minutes, then wipe the moldy parts of the bamboo utensils with ginger slices. After the mold spots are removed, the bamboo tableware can be dried in the sun, and the bamboo tableware can be completely cleaned.

3. Alcohol

Alcohol has the effect of disinfecting and sterilizing. Put the bamboo utensils into the area and soak for a while, then use a brush to repeatedly wipe the bamboo tableware, and then rinse it with clean water.

After we use bamboo tableware and bamboo kitchenware, do not put them in a humid and dark environment, and try to put them in a ventilated and dry place.

Then, because bamboo tableware and bamboo kitchen utensils are in direct contact with our body, we must pay attention to many places when removing mildew. If after reading the above content, you are not very effective in removing mold from bamboo utensils. You can get more related solutions by contacting us, and we also produce high-quality bamboo utensils for you to choose from.

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