How does Bamboo Cutting Board Prevent Crack?

How does Bamboo Cutting Board Prevent Crack?


We all know that cutting board is an indispensable kitchen appliance, then bamboo cutting board because of a special material, how do we maintain it to prevent it from mold cracking?

With the promotion of sustainable development, bamboo products began to enter the public's sight, more and more people began to enter the bamboo life, so a maintenance problem of bamboo cutting board is also a problem that we are more distressed.

Maintain the humidity and temperature of the environment

As we all know, the material of bamboo products is completely derived from nature, so there are certain requirements for temperature and humidity. A humid environment will lead to mildew, affect the smell and use.

The ambient temperature of the bamboo cutting board should be controlled between 15 ~ 25℃, and the change within a day should not exceed 2 ~ 5℃. The relative humidity should be controlled between 50 ~ 60%, and the change within a day should not exceed 3 ~ 5%.

Prevent pests from damaging materials

The pests of bamboo kitchen products are various wood bores and termites. Wood bores are the larvae of various wood-drilling beetles. They often break down intact bamboo and wood tissue into a fine powder. Mold can leave stains and colored spots on the surfaces of bamboo and wood relics. Wood rot fungi can make bamboo and wood soft and lose their due strength. Insecticidal sterilization methods are:

(1)steam disinfection method;

(2)vacuum treatment method;

(3)gas fumigation method. Commonly used fumigation agents are p - dichlorobenzene, formaldehyde, disulfide carbon, ethylene oxide, and so on. 

(4)pharmaceutical immersion method. Commonly used agents are sodium fluoride, mercury chloride, pentachlorophenol, and its sodium salt, chloronaphthalene, or naphthalene of metal compounds and other solutions.It can be used by spraying, injection, impregnation, and decompression infiltration. The reduced pressure penetration is the best.

Regular maintenance

Usually according to the indoor clean or not, often with a dry cotton cloth or feather duster will dry bamboo and wood dust off, in order to show its natural beauty, such as found that the dry bamboo and wood luster is not good, please use the brush will polish wax coated in the dry bamboo and wood surface, with a dry rag wipe polishing can be. The dry bamboo that has been brushed with lacquer also can use a clean bright agent to wipe the surface, the effect is good.

If you find that the luster is not so good, you can also use a blowtorch or a hairdryer to bake wax, the specific method is still glazing wax:

(1)wipe off the dust → brush wax or bake with a blowtorch or a hairdryer (note that the time should be short)→ brown wheel polishing or wipe with a dry cotton cloth. Antique dry bamboo and wood maintenance, can be in the wax oil color, maintain the original appearance.

(2)Do not be afraid to inject insecticide into the worm passage with a needle if you find the worm-eating during the display.

In particular, we should pay attention to the daily maintenance process must not use wet rag dry bamboo, and wood.

Whether bamboo kitchenware or bamboo tableware, they are eco-friendly products, not only pollution-free but also biodegradable. We need to pay attention to their daily maintenance.

So as a professional bamboo cutlery manufacturer, we have been committed to making products about bamboo, not only hope to bring convenience to everyone's life but also hope to make a contribution to the ecological environment. So if you are interested in bamboo utensils, please do not hesitate to contact us!