How to Use a Bamboo Sushi Mat?

How to Use a Bamboo Sushi Mat?


Making your own sushi allows you to make rolls to your tastes at a fraction of the cost. Using a mat to roll your sushi may be a little difficult at first, learn how to roll sushi with a bamboo sushi mat.

Sushi rolls are delectable treats enjoyed by many at Japanese restaurants all over the world. But making your own sushi allows you to make rolls to your tastes at a fraction of the cost. Some chefs and avid sushi makers can get by without using a mat. However, this entails skill and expertise. So if you’re a beginner and preparing at home, a bamboo sushi mat will come handy.


Using a mat to roll your sushi may be daunting at first, we will teach you how to roll sushi with a bamboo sushi mat.


1. Get Your Bamboo Mat

First, lay your bamboo mat and line it with a food-grade plastic sheet. Always use a plastic layer to prevent the ingredients from squeezing into the bamboo slits. You can also place the bamboo mat inside a large ziplock. After that, place the nori sheet with its rough side facing up.


Anyway, some people don’t use nori sheet and just dab their favorite sauce into the plastic sheet. However, without a nori sheet, rolling the sushi can be challenging. Nevertheless, make sure that your rice is sticky to keep the sushi intact.


2. Spread the Rice

Once you have the mat and nori in place, spread the sticky rice evenly. You don’t have to make a thick layer since you have to give way to the other ingredients.


Make sure that you leave a space at the top and bottom of the nori sheet. About an inch is ideal for preventing the rice from spilling when you start to roll and squeeze.


3. Put Your Choice of Ingredients

Now that the rice is in place, add the other stuffing and ingredients that you like. Always line it up in one vertical area. You don’t have to spread it the way you did with rice. If you do so, your sushi will not look good.


4. Hold the Mat Right

Once done, place your thumbs beneath the bamboo mat then lift its edge a little. Make sure that youre also holding the plastic liner.


5. Pull the Bottom of the Mat

After that, curve the rest of your fingers to make a rolling motion on the bamboo mat. Make sure that you keep a firm hold on the mat to prevent the ingredients from spilling and getting loose.


6. Roll It Firmly

Roll the sushi until you form a log-like shape. Continue rolling until you reach the other edge of the nori sheet.


7. Slice the Sushi

After that, unroll the bamboo mat without pulling the plastic liner. Voila! You have a freshly rolled sushi. You can now slice it with a thickness of about ¾ of an inch. Some prefer thicker slices for home consumption.  Always slice it gently so you wouldn’t unravel the roll.


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